Pot-Nets Bayside Home Owners Association

Pot-Nets Bayside

is located in the

Heart of Long Neck DE,

Indian River & Rehoboth Bays


"We have been notified by Robert III that the refund checks for the 48 Bayside members affected by the Superior Courts decision will be mailed out by Friday of next week."

Bayside Home Owners Association, Inc. represented Bayside in an arbitration against Tunnell Companies related to rent increases above the CPI-U of 1.9% for 2014. We won! Click on the link below to read more above the decision. Then click on the link to download the Bayside Home Owners Membership Application so your Home Owners Assocaition has the funds needed to represent the community.



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                       Important notice

                       Appeal Won! 

                                                         Open Button in PDF File for complete ruling by

                                                                  Judge Graves!

              Delaware Online Article